Virtual Tours and Interactive Marketing Solutions

Standard Fusion

Over 15 exciting features included with every Insight360 Fusion Virtual Tour:

Standard Fusion Features Single Interactive PlayerSingle Interactive Virtual Media Player

Our HTML 5 and Flash-based virtual tour engine displays HD stills, panoramas, and full motion video in one interactive, vibrant media player at lightning fast speeds!


Standard Fusion Feature Mobile Tour

Mobile Tour

Our tours are smart. When anyone is browsing through your virtual tours with a web-enabled phone or device, our virtual tours automatically serve up a mobile-compatible version of the tour. We track your mobile hits and QR code scans and write them to your hit report each week. Got a gyro enabled phone or device? Pan, tilt, and move through scenes within virtual tours by steering your device in the direction that you would like to navigate.


Standard Fusion Features Client ToolboxClient Toolbox

With the new Client Toolbox you are able to login and make simple edits and changes to your profile and tours such as price changes, phone number changes, profile changes, and banner changes. Use our pre-loaded status banners to create an air of excitement about your virtual tours. Mark tours as SOLD, PRICE REDUCED, SALE PENDING, and more. You are also able to order additional products and services.


Standard Fusion Features My GalleryMyGallery

Virtual tour galleries just got more robust with Google Map-enabled MyGallery. Each time a virtual tour is created, the MyGallery page will auto-populate the virtual tour info onto the page. These new galleries are also easy to forward to a custom URL and you are given a short code so you can easily embed the map directly into your website for secured customer retention.


Standard Fusion Features Statistics ReportsDeepStats

Insight360 Fusion takes virtual tour traffic reporting to the next level by providing you with more data than ever before. We now feature a full breakdown by day, month, quarter, year and show truly unique and returning visitors. See the number of times your virtual tour has been emailed, downloaded, shared on social sites, viewed on a mobile phone, or sent to friends. Access a virtual tour’s entire history with the click of a mouse.


Standard Fusion Features Image Delivery

Image Delivery Engine

Our Image Delivery Engine is standard with your virtual tour. After your tour is completed, Insight360 will send you a link to download the high resolution images for print along with the virtual tour links for embedding into your website.


Standard Fusion Features CoAgentDouble Agent

Creating virtual tours for multiple agents, or teams, has never easier. Watch as our player elegantly fades in and out from one agent to the next displaying each individual’s contact information and photo.



Standard Fusion Features Lead GrabberLead Grabber

Lead Grabber is a fantastic way to collect and mine for data among your virtual tour viewers. When enabled, Lead Grabber simply prompts the tour viewer for some basic information before they are able to preview the virtual tour. All data and leads are stored in your online Toolbox and can be exported at any time.


Standard Fusion Features Tour VibesTourVibes

TourVibes allow for instant feedback from your interactive virtual tour. Simply turn on TourVibes and start collecting contact information, comments, and more from your tour viewers. TourVibes writes back to your database and keeps a downloadable log for importing into your favorite CRM. TourVibes is a MUST try new angle for lead generation brought to you by Insight360.


Standard Fusion Features Follow this TourFollow This Tour

Anytime a tour viewer looks for more information they will have the opportunity to “Follow This Tour.” Once clicked, the system will ask the user to input basic contact information. The Insight360 Fusion tour engine then sends that user updates as changes occur to the virtual tour such as Status Banner changes, price changes, and more. Follow This Tour WILL drive more traffic to your online tours than ever before. Now that’s social!


Standard Fusion Features Social MediaSocial Media-Enabled

Utilize social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest to help drive your tour to more viewers. Insight360 Fusion includes popular social media “Like” and “Share” buttons on every tour window for easy implementation to help your virtual tour go “viral.”



Standard Fusion Features Private TourPrivate Tour

RealTour Fusion is packed with four powerful lead generation tools including Private Tour. Insight360 fusion allows you to assign a password through your Client Toolbox. Once the Private Tour has been enabled, tour viewers are prompted to input a password before they are able to view the virtual tour. Private tour serves as a wonderful lead generation tool as well as just one more way to give your clients peace of mind.


Standard Fusion Features Tour2GoTour2Go

No internet connection? No problem! Our new Tour2Go is kiosk ready and runs on both PC and Mac. Tour2Go can also be download and saved to CD or other storage media. All Tour2Go virtual tours are fully interactive, capable of pointing to additional information online, and come in full screen HD!



Standard Fusion Features SpiderLinks


It’s a proven fact that there is no better ranking virtual tour on the market than one from us. Our virtual tours are known to pull rank in the search engines on property address, business name, and even in some cases, agent / owner name!


Standard Fusion Features Tiny TURLSTinyTURLS

Instantly transform any of your long virtual tour links into smaller more manageable Tour URL’s with TinyTURLS. Insight360 can generate a TinyTURL that will point directly to your online virtual tour. All TinyTURLS begin with Use our TinyTURLS when you are looking to save space in any of your print ads, in MLS systems that require shorter URL’s, or when tweeting a tour.


Standard Fusion Features QR CodeTour2QR

A QR code is created or every virtual tour link, enabling mobile devices to scan the code and immediately view your virtual tour. When combined with our Insight360 ImageRider, you will drive more traffic to your virtual tour. The QR code can also be used on print materials and your marketing materials.


Standard Fusion Features Tour PortalRealTour Fusion – Tour Portal

Every virtual tour created around the world can be found on the RealTour Fusion portal. Our portal utilizes the Map Widget and will display all virtual tours in a searchable format. Browse through thousands of real estate, hotel, restaurant, assisted care, for sale by owner, or any other virtual tour type, simply by filtering the Map Widget via popular tags. The RealTour Fusion Tour Portal has been designed to rank very well in the search engines and will provide you even more exposure for your interactive virtual tours.